Dental Implants Treatment Costs In Mexico

Dental implants are an effective solution for missing or damaged teeth. By getting your dental implant treatment in Mexico, you will not only get a perfect smile but also save thousands of dollars.

Dental Implants Treatment Costs In Mexico

A simple treatment for broken or damaged teeth, especially those with rotten or damaged roots is dental implants.

Dentures are also an option, however, they just sit on the bony base of the teeth rather than being fixed, like the dental implants are.

But they can be quite expensive in the United States or Canada, which is why more and more people are choosing to get dental implant treatments in Mexico.

Getting dental implant treatment in Mexico allows you to get the same quality of treatment but at an affordable price.


Dental Implants Treatment Costs in Mexico


Why Choose Mexico for your

Dental Implant Treatment?

People prefer to have their dental implant treatment done in Mexico because of several reasons, the main one being the cost.

In Mexico, dental care plans are quite easy on your pocket, with dental implants only costing one-fourth of the American and Canadian dental care costs.

Moreover, the travel cost is lower as in most cases, even within the United States, you may need to travel quite a bit to find a skilled dental surgeon.

Having your implants placed in Mexico is a very cost-effective decision. Even staying in high-end resorts while getting zour implants will end up being cheaper for you than getting the procedure done in the United States or Canada. 


Los Algodones, Baja California Mexico.

dental implants in mexico


The cost-effectiveness of Mexican dental implant treatments is especially beneficial for you if you do not have dental insurance. In the States, the cost of your entire dental implant treatment may be covered, to an extent by your dental insurance provider.

You will still be required to pay to cover a certain percentage of the total amount but it will only be slightly lower than the total cost.

And if you do not have dental insurance, it is best to opt for Mexican dental implant treatments as they have high-quality implants that are nearly 70 percent less in cost than the States. 

Moreover, there are no hidden costs or uncertainties about the price that you will need to pay for dental implants in Mexico.

In the United States and Canada, you may not know the costs for different procedures leading up to the implant placement.

This may add up over the visits and result in a huge bill for you to pay after. However, Mexican clinics let you know the prices upfront, for the entire package with no hidden fees or charges added later. 

Moreover, even the costs for any potential procedure or imaging technique that may be required during the visits will be made apparent and you will know of them beforehand.

At Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry of Mexico, you will be informed of the exact cost of your entire treatment even before you travel to Mexico or have a consultation with Dr. Moguel. 


Another important point that guarantees that you will receive high-end care with no hidden fees and charges being added to your bill is that Mexican dental clinics are mostly dependant on dental tourism for revenue.

To ensure this stream of revenue, customer satisfaction is important and that is the top-most priority of the doctors and the administration.

You can find out the total cost before you even go and then travel to Mexico safely for your dental implants without worrying about changes in cost. 

If you are worried about communicating with the clinic staff in Mexico, you don’t need to worry as the staff is mostly bilingual, especially at Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry of Mexico.

On the off chance that the staff is unable to communicate with you in your native tongue, an interpreter will be arranged by the clinic to make the whole process a lot easier on you. 

The safe techniques, highly skilled surgeons, affordability, and accessibility of the dental care packages in Mexico are the main reasons why people choose Mexico for their Dental Implant Treatment.

One such skilled surgeon is Dr. Moguel who not only has the skills to perform your procedure but also the compassion and care to walk you through the whole procedure without any worries. 


Dr. Jose Moguel is a skilled dental surgeon with experience in placing dental implants.

People fly to Mexico to get their dental implants treatment procedure performed by him, at Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry of Mexico, not only to benefit from his expertise but to also benefit from the friendliness of the staff, and to have a great experience overall, that is also highly affordable. 

Another important reason for choosing dental implants in Mexico treatments, for many people, is the wide availability of the treatment.

You can book treatment all year round, without having to wait for an appointment. In the States, this appointment is arranged based on the availability of the dentist. However, that is not the case in Mexico.

Your treatment plan will be arranged for you according to your availability, any time of the year. 


Why is Dentistry Cheaper in Mexico?




You may be wondering about this and questioning the quality of the treatment if the cost of dental implants in Mexico is one-fourth of the cost in the States.

You need not worry because the affordability of Mexican dental implant treatments is because of lesser operating costs in the country.

The Dental implants treatment costs in Mexico are a great investment for you and your pocket, apart from having a great renewed smile, you will have the option of ensuring your economy.

The machinery, equipment, and rent are cheaper in Mexico. Moreover, most dentists in Mexico graduate without any debt as they do not take student loans, hence, lowering their personal costs.


How much does a Dental Implants Treatment Costs in Mexico?

Dental implants treatment can change the structure of your mouth and affect your facial aesthetics significantly.

The cost for this procedure, in the United States, starts from $2,790, just for the replacement of a single tooth.


However, the same procedure may cost you anywhere between $750 to $950 in Mexico.

This is a huge price difference for the same procedure and the same quality of work. 

This price is only for the implant, not for the abutment and the crown.

The cost of those, along with the implant, in the United States is a whopping $4,930 whereas the cost in Mexico ranges between $1220 to $1292. These are the cheapest dental implant treatments in both countries. 

All-on-4 Implants, which are meant to place dentures with four implants only, cost $24,000 in the United States, and the Mexican price range is $7,085 to $12,475, more than half of the American price. 

All-on-4 Implants, which are meant to place dentures with four implants only, cost $24,000 in the United States, and the Mexican price range is $7,085 to $12,475, more than half of the American price. 

All-on-6 implants require 6 dental implants to be placed, and this would cost you approximately $30,000 in the United States.

However, the same procedure in Mexico may cost you anywhere between $7,500 and $14,255. 


All-on-8 implants are even more expensive in both countries as they require 8 dental implants to be placed to stabilize the dentures. In the United States, this treatment may cost you $36,000 whereas the Mexican price for the same procedure lies between $10,205 to $16,035. 

Moreover, the bone grafting procedure may cost around $400 extra, depending on whether or not you require it.

The price in Mexico is almost 70 percent less than the American price for the same procedure and same quality of the treatment, especially at Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry of Mexico. 

The following table summarizes the cost difference between Mexico and USA for dental implants and other dental procedures that will be performed during the implant treatment procedure:


                                                                                                          Mexico                    USA

SINGLE DENTAL IMPLANT Including Abutment and Crown 

1625 USD 

4800 USD 

DENTAL IMPLANT BRIDGE (2 Implants 3 unit) 

3817 USD 

9700 USD 

ALLON4 (Per Arch)  

11,500 USD – Est 

28000 USD 

ALLON6 (Per Arch) 

13,500 USD – Est 

32000 USD 


390 USD 

875 USD 


1500 USD 

2800 USD 


390 USD 

900 USD 


120 – 250 usd 

420 USD 


967 USD 

1300 USD 


4500 USD 

9000 USD 


6600 USD 

12000 USD 

CT SCAN + Virtual Surgical Guide 

250 USD 

600 USD 


480 USD 

1200 USD 

I.V. Sedation with Anesthesiologists 

450 USD 

920 USD  


35 USD 

105 USD 


You may wonder about the travel costs, and think that it may all add up to the same amount as getting dental implants in the United States.

So let us also check the travel costs, for both visits to Mexico, especially Los Algodones.



First-time travel cost


United States

Money Saved

Air tickets to Cancun




Resort stay -1 week




Travel, Food, and sundries




Second-time travel cost


Air tickets to Cancun




Resort stay -1 week




Travel, Food, and sundries




Given the information presented in both of these tables, a full mouth dental implant cost, with travel expense to Mexico adds up to approximately $30,000 and the same procedure costs $60,000 in the United States.

You will be saving roughly $30,000 by choosing to have your dental implants placed in Mexico. 

What are dental implant treatments?

Dental implant treatments are permanent, stable treatments that include metal fixtures and screws acting as the root of the tooth.

These metal fixtures are placed in the bony socket that once housed the root of the damaged teeth.

They are placed before the crown or teeth can be placed, giving them ample time to fuse with the bone and become one with it. 

Success rates of dental implant treatments, since their discovery in 1952, have increased significantly with the development of new technologies and advancements in the field of dental medicine. Currently, the success rates of these treatments are a whopping 98 percent. 

What is the Process of a Dental Implant Treatment?

The process of a dental implant treatment begins with the consultation phase where you discuss the possibility of getting implants with your dental surgeon.

Dr. Jose Moguel also uses the consultation period to assess the teeth and gums, checking if they are viable to undergo an extensive procedure like dental implant treatment.

He also will ask for dental X Rays to get a better view of the teeth, and if this treatment option is a viable choice, he will explain the entire procedure to you. 

After the consultation phase, your dental implant procedure will begin and will take up to two visits for the implants to be placed and the dental crown to be placed respectively. 

Why Do People Get a Dental Implant Treatment?

People often prefer a dental implant treatment to replace teeth that have been damaged or broken as a result of trauma, infection, or gum disease.


Dental Implant Treatment Costs In Mexico


There are several treatment options available to replace the teeth, the major one being dentures. However, dentures are not preferred because they lack stability.

They also reduce the quality of life by reducing the taste and other sensations associated with eating food 

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants treatment costs in Mexico are divided into different types based on the number of implants and the location of the implant.
Based on the location of the implants, there are two types of dental implants:
  • Endosteal Implants
  • Subperiosteal Implants

Based on the number of implants, dental implants are divided into:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement
  • Implant-Supported Dentures
  1. All-on-4
  2. All-on-6
  3. All-on-8

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants treatment Costs In Mexico

  • How much money can I save by going to Mexico for dental implants?

You can save nearly 70 percent of your total costs by choosing to undergo dental implants treatment in Mexico rather than the United States.

  • Doesn’t the travel cost add up to the same as having implants placed in the United States?

No, even with the cost of travel and resort stays, both times, your overall cost is almost 50 percent of the cost of getting dental implants in the United States. 

  • How can I pay for my dental implants in Mexico?

You can pay for your dental implants either in cash or using your credit/debit card.

You do not have to convert money and can make payments in US dollars as they are widely accepted in Mexico.